Marketing Strategies

“Money coming in says I’ve made the right marketing decisions.”
Adam Osborne

I work alongside companies to design and optimize marketing strategies, supporting entrepreneurs and CMOs whom want to enter or develop the Italian or European market at decision making.

Market, people, needs are in ongoing change. Strategies along with insights are vital to understand where resources can most effectively be allocated.

Solid and professional designed strategies allow companies and startups to know how to take opportunities for growth, by positioning, differentiating and developing, brands, products, services, distribution channels, both online and offline.

I support companies marketing strategies with:

// Marketing plans as stand alone plans or within business plans or feasibility analysis

// Web marketing strategies

// Digital Marketing Strategy

// Strategic planning of portals, websites and commerce

// Digital Advertising Strategy

// Trade Marketing Strategy

// B2B Marketing Strategy

// Prospects/suppliers analysis

// Email Marketing Strategy

// Integrated marketing plans

// Audit of Marketing strategies

// Temporary Management as local CMO or CDMO for the implementation of strategiesAudit delle strategie di Marketing