Market Analysis

The purpose of a business is to create a customer.
Peter Drucker

The famous statesman W. Edwards Deming said that innovation comes from producers, not from consumers. But it’s also true that the way in which such innovation arises, requires, to be useful and successful, a clear understanding of consumers.

Market insights play a key role both in development strategies and in marketing strategies. Moreover, each market is different and experience says that the best way to target and profile each one, is to be able to get closer insights on each one.

As native Italian speaker, based in Italy, with excellent oral and written english I assist companies and startups to analyze and understand Italian and European market, their retail chain system, customer behaviors, and market dynamics. Thanks to in depth knowledge of socio economic environment and of data resources I provide companies and startups with focused high quality market analysis to target Italian and European market.

Market analysis and profiling activities are integral part of wider strategic projects, business plans and applied researches, but they can also be stand-alone analysis for entrepreneurs and CMOs whom need to deeper their actual market or to define to which one to target new products or services, which are the most profitable or growing faster.

Market analysis I provide companies with are:

// Quantitative and qualitative analysis and estimation of the markets: expert for Italy and Europe, and for the countries and aggregates EMEA / SEMEA / MEMEA, LATAM, APAC, IMEA, ASEAN

// Market analysis for business plans, feasibility studies

// Analysis and research of market opportunities for start-ups, product launches, repositioning products, penetrations of new markets

// Designing Surveys, Questionnaires, Polls // Search and management suppliers societies of survey delivery

// Temporary manager for internal activities of coordination fielding and interviews collection

// Search and management suppliers societies of survey delivery

// Analysis of fielding and reporting for internal uses, for external communication, for promotional material

// Data Mining

// Statistical analysis on public or private databases // Buyer profiling

// Buyer profiling