Business Development Strategies

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”
Chris Grosser

I study and project new opportunities for growth and business development. As native Italian speaker, based in Italy I assist companies to understand Italian and European market, our retail chain system, customer behaviors, and market dynamics. I partner with companies and startups  to develop reliable strategies to grow business in Italy and in Europe.

Thanks to solid methodologies and an extensive experience I design solutions and business models which allow companies and startup to catch business development opportunities in Italy and Europe.

The main development strategies I assist companies with are:

// Business development strategies

// Design and assessment of Business models

// Product portfolio strategies

// Repositioning strategies

// Market penetration strategies

// Diversification strategies

// Studies and analysis for product design and innovation

// New products launch strategies

// Competitive analysis

// Benchmark analysis

// Temporary Management in Italy for the local implementation of development strategies