I am an independent management consultant focusing on growth / innovation / competitiveness.
Based in Torino (IT).
Working remotely worldwide.

I establish strategic collaborations with Corporations, Startups, Entrepreneurial Ventures, Institutions, and Academic Entities.

About me

Experience and Approach

With a Ph.D. in Business Administration, I collaborate closely with corporate leadership.

My passion lies in uncovering untapped market opportunities, crafting innovative products and strategies, and unleashing the full potential of innovation.

I thrive on overcoming market challenges, fine-tuning business positioning, and sculpting models for success.

I specialize in maximizing the success of business models and optimizing the performance of industrial and marketing plans, offering a unique blend of academic rigor and hands-on proficiency.

Consulting Services

Elevating Businesses through Expert Analysis, Strategic Vision, and Personalized Coaching: Your Path to Growth, Innovation, and Leadership Excellence.

Insights and Foresights​

Unearth unconventional market approaches and entry strategies with my expert Analysis Solutions, fostering originality and reshaping your business strategies beyond the conventional.

Innovative Strategies​

Explore precision and innovation in crafting tailored strategies. Take the next step towards business advancement with our cutting-edge solutions.

Business Coaching

Unlock your leadership potential and refine strategic decision-making. Explore our business coaching solutions for transformative success. Take the first step now.

Training Solutions

Maximize team potential, elevate skills, and foster a culture of continuous improvement with my tailored training solutions. Start your journey to excellence.

Why choose me

Unwavering commitment to your success, backed by a track record of excellence – Choose me for unparalleled professionalism
Innovative Problem-Solver

I specialize in finding creative and innovative solutions to complex business challenges, ensuring your strategies are forward-thinking and effective.

Market Navigator
With a keen understanding of market dynamics, I guide your business through competitive landscapes, identifying lucrative entry points for growth.
Regulated Sector Expertise

Navigating the complexities of regulated sectors, I bring a unique blend of academic excellence and hands-on experience, seamlessly navigating diverse industries.

Industry Versatility

Having worked across a spectrum of industries, I offer insights and strategies tailored to your specific needs. Relevant industries include: Healthcare, Technology, Manufacturing, Services, Cultural Heritage, Education, Finance.

Forward-Thinking Perspective

Benefit from strategic insights that go beyond conventional approaches, providing a nuanced understanding of your industry for a competitive edge.

Custom Solution Development

I deliver meticulously crafted feasibility studies tailored to your specific challenges, leveraging my specialization across various industries.

Data Analysis Precision

Executing data analysis with meticulous precision, ensuring excellence in every aspect of your business journey.

Dedication to Unique Success

Dedicated to propelling your unique success, prioritizing your goals and tailoring my approach to align with your distinct business objectives, whether in regulated sectors or across multiple industries.


Selected Published Researches and Contributions

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