Management Consultant Freelance

I work with company leadership to startup business projects, elaborate strategy, create value, solve issues, maximise growth and improve business performance.

I’m based in Turin (NW Italy) and serve clients in Europe and all around the world. 


Market Sizing. Industry Landscape. Customer Buying Behavior. Demand Forecasting. Competitive Analysis. Benchmarking. Customer discovery. Monitoraggi. KPI & Dashboard. Applied Research. More → 

Market Entry Strategy.
Diversification Strategy.
Product Strategy.
Pricing Strategy.
Feasibility Study.
Strategic Business Plan.
Strategic Marketing plan.

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Learning-by-doing and training-on-the-job projects for Entrepreneurs, C-Level and Startup Founders.

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Company profile.
Pitch deck.
Media kit.

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Corsi per aziende e startup.
Corsi online.
Corsi per università e incubatori.
Corsi per master di I e II livello.
Corsi per executives e post experience.

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Project workflows adapted and customized


I’m Elisa Cerruti, Management Consultant specialized in B2B-B2C-B2A market analysis, business projects startups, growth strategies and applied research.

I graduated with a PhD in Business Administration.

I have over 15 years of experience as a consultants for company leaderships, startup founders, private and public managers.

I work with universities and incubators to train startup founders-to-be and support projects for startups.


Published works